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With over 20 years of consulting and educational leadership experience, Ahrens Education Group represents only progressive companies who offer the best hands on and digital resources.

Levitating Books

Ahrens Education Group believes in the power of collaboration. We'll listen carefully to learn about you, your fellow educators and your students. Together, we can identify what you goals are - what's working, what's not and what just needs a bit of fine-tuning. ​

Through our partnerships with a wide variety of educational resource providers, independent educational consultants, and respected educational authors and guides, we have access to an amazing array of helpful strategies, solutions and support.

Together, we can help you build the future you want, and the future your students deserve. 

Why Partner With AEG?

Personalized Consultation, Support, & Training from Knowledgeable Consultants

Print, Digital, Hands-On, Library & Bookroom Resources

Substantial Savings & Discounts through Grant Writing & Funding Support

Over 400 publishers with access to over 75,000 books


We listen

We research

We recommend

You choose

We help implement

Our relationship is built on truly listening to your goals, your concerns, your needs, and what you've already tried.

After we've gathered facts and identified your needs, our team does the hard work. We will brainstorm, research, and evaluate a variety of options.

We'll share with you our suggestions, and we'll help you choose the solution that works for you. We know your needs are unique; your solution will be too.

After you pick the solutions and strategies you want to use, we'll help you gather what you need. For new curricular materials or supplies, you can order directly--or we can help!

We support you every step of the way with professional development, hands-on implementation help, trouble-shooting, and periodic check-ins.

Join thousands of educators.

Gain access to thousands of curricular resources today.

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