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With the diversity and breath of each company we represent we have the ability to get you the right resource at the right time for the students you support.


For many educators, ELA is the cornerstone of your instruction—and we understand why. We offer a wide array of programs and materials suited to today’s classroom and designed to be rigorous, engaging, and easy-to-use. Many programs directly incorporate social-emotional learning, intervention and enrichment, and adaptability to your students’ unique needs. From reading and writing workshop, to vocabulary and grammar, to handwriting, and more, we have what you need to create an environment designed for authentic engagement and achievement.  

Encourage and support your struggling students with a balance of confidence-building, direct academic supports, and high-interest books and materials. With a variety of core and supplemental programs, as well as books and materials, we can help you find the intervention approach that works for your students’ unique challenges and strengths. Our intervention materials span several content areas, such as reading and writing, phonics, and math, so no matter what your students need, we can help. 


If you’re looking for an innovative and exciting approach to conceptual math for your students, we can help. With a handful of resources designed for different concepts and challenges, there’s sure to be something to help keep math approachable, focused, and fun in your classroom. Our programs and materials can help whether you’re looking for something outside of the box to help with geometry, focused on fact fluency and core math skills, or ways to build your students’ confidence and enjoyment.

Through our social studies collections and programming, we will help you craft an inquiry-rich and immersive social studies experience for each student. Not only will they learn about the past and the world around them now, they’ll dive deep to explore and problem-solve the issues of the future. With an intense focus on diversity and inclusion, as well as involvement, our programs drive students deeper than any textbook ever could and allow them to prepare to be active, involved citizens who change the world. 

We have selected companies that provide excellent products and include services and products that can save you significant time. From custom collections and shipment options to the organization of trade books in your classroom, we make it easy for you to get the right books to the right students. We offer book collections as well as the ability to custom build your bookroom.

With a focus on hands-on learning and inquiry thinking, our programs and materials engage your students wholeheartedly. Involving students in real-life experimentation, problem-solving, and discovery allows them to harness their natural enthusiasm and dive deeper into the scientific concepts all around them. With ready-to-use materials that still allow for customization and adaptation, we offer science programs to fit the needs of any classroom, student, and educator.

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Our Resource Providers

Resource Providers

Stenhouse provides quality professional learning resources by teachers, for teachers that are designed to integrate theory, research, and practice in an accessible manner, enhancing educators’ professional knowledge and building their students’ skills as readers, writers, and thinkers.


Wisconsin, Minnesota


Our award-winning and engaging materials give children a purpose for their reading and inspire further inquiry and with materials closely correlated to the new College and Career Readiness Standards, Okapi fulfills its mission of creating real-world literacy for real-world kids with real-world results.


Wisconsin, Minnesota

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Zaner-Bloser offers a rich library of elementary literacy resources, from handwriting readiness, manuscript (printing), and cursive to grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and supplemental writing. Our supplemental literacy programs are designed to help students master fundamental literacy skills while making instruction manageable for teachers.


Wisconsin, Minnesota, 


Brain Hive is a print & ebook distributor offering over 30,000 titles from 26+ educational publishers, providing customizable collections and resources for the classroom and at home.




Classroom libraries and collections created by education experts to support independent and guided reading. High interest classroom literature across content areas, aligned to standards and customizable to meet your specific needs.


Wisconsin, Minnesota


Our mission as a nonprofit is to help students grow as readers, writers, and thinkers while they develop the social and emotional skills necessary to thrive. Founded in 1980, Center for the Collaborative Classroom conducted seminal research on social development.




All kids deserve robust STEM learning experiences, and that's why The Einstein Project helps schools, teachers, and parents ensure that their children have access to those experiences. Through our K-8 Science & Engineering Curriculum and Materials and our professional learning opportunities for educators online or in-person, we're providing support and innovation through experiential learning. Our hands-on materials and curriculum not only promote quality learning in science, technology, engineering, aesthetics and math; they also help develop a student's soft skills and foster curiosity. Major national collaborations have exponentially increased our impact, from the Smithsonian Institute to Carolina Biological and more. 


Wisconsin, Minnesota

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