Free Resources

Whether it's distance learning, classroom, or a hybrid situation, our providers are here to help you  thrive during Covid-19.  

Distance Learning

Reconnecting and Rebuilding Toolkit 

The complimentary Reconnecting & Rebuilding Toolkit is an easy-to-implement resource for all K–6 educators.

It provides a suite of developmentally appropriate Class Meetings and robust guidance for building relationships and fostering community.

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Fun-damental Skills Practice
Freebies and printables and activities—oh, my! Keep skills sharp with a variety of materials that can be assigned to reinforce instruction or provide extra practice for literacy development at home. This mix of downloadable and online resources is a handy go-to any time your child or class needs extra fun-damental skills practice.


Free Educational Resources for Distance Learning

Free easy-to-access books, lesson plans, running records and so much more from all of our flagship programs. Register for free to access over 200 books in both English and Spanish, with full instructional support.


Professional Development Resources for Educators

Free webinars, printables & more.


AlphaKidsGO Digital Samples 

3 free books (GRLs B, J and L), each with lesson plans and running records for each as well.

Sample Download Page 

A list all of teacher resource files which will have previews of student content and some teacher content for each title.